Good vibes and natural highs

It’s no secret that moving makes us feel good, feel alive.

Movero was born out of a passion for movement. Running, dancing, lifting, climbing and all the other ways that get our hearts beating. From the start, we wanted to create activewear that would intensify this experience. That’s how our love affair began with bamboo. Unparalleled performance and feel from a natural fabric that treads lightly on the planet.


Built for performance, with all the features you need. From our athletic fit to the anti-chafe stitching, it’s the next best thing to being naked. But don’t take our word for it - if you don’t love Movero, we’ll take it back. It’s that simple. See our return policy for more.



temperature regulating

less smell

No skin irritation

Bamboo. Recommended by panda bears, athletes and future generations.

Here's why