Playlist 01

The Zone

Deep, melodic beats to find the zone. 16BL, M.A.N.D.Y., James Dexter, Pachanga boys and more..

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Playlist 02

Move music

Need motivation to move? Hit play. We guarantee you’ll get fired up with these Latin beats. Becky G, Sofia Reyes, Ana Mena, DJ Snake..

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Playlist 03

Cool down

Bring your heart rate down with these chilled tracks. You’ve earned them. Hoodlem, Glass Animals, Khalid, Aim and more.

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Playlist 04

Mellow moves

Not every training session is at full pace. Settle in with these tracks from David Rausch, Nicola Cruz, Lopal, Kalabrese and friends.

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Playlist 05


Focused, grounded, balanced. Pull yourself towards yourself - tracks to re-align your body and soul. Henry Green, East Forest, Cubicolor and more.

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Playlist 06

Night moves

The sun is setting, the air is hot and humid. Cicada volume is at max - so turn these beats up, stay hydrated and start moving.

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