We’re two South Africans with a shared passion for exploring our physical capabilities through movement. We’ve accumulated a lifetime of bumps, bruises, successes and failures, muscle-memory, solid friendships and stories for our grandkids. We’re rarely happier than when we’re lost in movement.

Thinking back, the garments we’ve turned to time and again either fitted well, felt good or looked cool. Very rarely all three. Even the odd favourite that ticked all the boxes would soon become smelly, no matter how many times we washed it.

Then we discovered bamboo.

The first thing we noticed was how unbelievably soft it feels - totally unlike anything we’ve worn before. But what really blew us away was its technical superiority for activewear, out-performing the usual suspects. All this and made from the world’s most sustainable crop.

Where’s the catch, you ask? Surely all the big names should be using bamboo? That’s what we wondered too. Some of them do of course, in limited ways, but for the most part bamboo is not favoured by the giants of the game because it can be tricky to work with and - perhaps most importantly - is more expensive than cotton and polyester. We’re not about cutting corners. Those cut corners, in our opinion, quickly lead to polluted oceans, toxic byproducts and under-performing garments.
So here we are. On a mission to bring bamboo to bodies, with activewear we’re confident you’ll call your favourite. Whether you’re smashing the trails, flowing in yoga or hitting a personal best in the gym, we’ve got you covered (in a comfy, breathable kind-of way).